Welcome to ZhonStyle, where you can find a wonderful rainbow of colors and designs inspired with love and positive energy.

Since very little, art and fashion have been a dominating thing in lifetime of Maryam Cyrus - born in 1975 - who heads this design house. She realized her ultimate interest and passion toward jewelry design in 2009, when she still was in IT Management as a Software Engineer. This way, her passion became her profession.

Maryam’s designs have always a modern style of Persian flavor, due to her origin.

Zhon - a word with Persian origin - meaning “Statues of Goddesse”, is a good representative of our design house, as it has everything fantastic packed, due to it’s nice sound, antiquity, purity and simple dictation.

All our designs have been made with extreme positive energy and attitude, in a hope to induce the same to the one wearing it.
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